Bespoke Unwrapping

Four screenshots of the prototype

What this is

A bespoke concept, tailored to just two users, for a new digital Hallmark unwrapping experience.

The concept was made as part of a group assignement for my study, User Experience Design. We worked in groups of two on both the giving and receiving end of the experience. My focus was the digital unwrapping.

The proces

This project was mostly a UX research project. We dove in deep with our users, organising multiple research sessions which ranged from ethnographic interviewing to card sorting.

During the final design sprint, we tested the new prototype with our users daily. The iterative process allowed us to smooth out various usability and engagement issues, like creating a logical onboarding flow and building enough anticipating for receiving the final gift.

How it works

In this concept, the giver wants to reminisce about a shared holiday. She creates a treasure hunt, packed with memories. The receiver gets a card with a map and scans it with this special app. Now, the treasure hunt pops up.

At every location, a question is asked that fits both the location and their shared interests. Once all questions are answered, the digital gift is unlocked and revealed to the receiver.

Close up on two screens in the prototype: the route page and the quiz question page