Thijmen de Valk

Hi there! I'm a Dutch user experience designer.

I love designing products that blend the digital and physical world.

How I ended up as a UX designer? Well... I started coding when I was 8 and drawing before I understood the concept of ‘age’. Combine that with a love for storytelling and an unstoppable curiosity (the question “but why?” is my go-to cliché) and I finally realised UX is where I get to do all those things at once!

Currently, I'm studying at THUAS in The Hague.

I'll leave you with this random fact: I made two movies while in high school. Turns out knowing about composition, pace and dramatic arcs is super helpful when designing digital products!

This is a photo of me!

Things you (do not) need to know about me

Photo of an unhealthy amount of chocolate
I love chocolate. Maybe a bit too much?
Photo taken at dusk, with the sky transitioning from vibrant orange to dark purple
This photo contains my two favourite colours: purple and orange. Don't make me choose, please
Photo of Disneyland Paris
Happiest place on Earth
Photo of a bed
My favourite brainstorming location. The shower is a close second

Secret hobby: just designing stuff that looks pretty

Poster for theatre play 'La Barriade'
Poster for the short film 'The Sophomore Suite'
Poster for theatre play 'Skull Island'
Poster for the Young Music Talent contest

Work Experience

See my favourite work