CKC & partners

Open Day Program

Screenshots of various screens in the Open Day website: introduction, search, filter and map

What this is

A digital program for the yearly Open Day of CKC & partners. Visitors can plan their day by favouriting, searching, sorting and filtering the many activities and performances.

Why we built this

Every year, the Open Day is visited by somewhere around 3000 visitors. Obviously, we want them to know what's going to happen that day, so they get a program. For years, that had been a flyer, listing over 200 activities in the smallest font we could still reasonable call 'legible' (6pt, if you were curious).

We wanted to make life easier for our visitors and allow them to come a little more prepared. After all, paper doesn't adapt to your interests. Not printing the programs anymore would also help us with our environmental goals and allowed us to process last minute changes (because you know they're coming).

What we created

This React powered website allows our visitors to sort, filter, favourite and search to their heart's desire. It has two main ways of exploring: scrolling through the list of items, or browsing the map of the location. Once they find something they like, the website shows them exactly where to go and gives them access to all the additional details, like which partner of teacher is providing the activity.

To assist the visitors in planning their day, a list of their favourites is always just a tap away and sorted by starting time.

Close up of two screens: the search page with results showing up in real time, and the map overview with pins for the various locations

Ready, set, go!

This is one of the quickest turn arounds I've ever had to do on a project. From the very first 'what could this be' idea to the big day, there were about four weeks (which were also filled with other projects).

During that time I designed the experience, went through feedback rounds on the most logical flows to introduce our guests to this new platform and had to figure out how to get our traditional planning tools to output their data for this new system.


Feedback of our visitors was very positive. There were plenty of people who had prepared their list of 'must see' items beforehand, and more used the QR codes to quickly open up the program during the day itself. For our staff, it increased the speed with which they could find interesting activities that exactly fit that guest's interests.

The switch to a digital program also helped CKC & partners in doing our bit in helpin the climate: we saved over 30kg of paper with this new system.