CKC & partners


Screenshot of the CKC ID login screen

What this is

A centralised sign in system for all of CKC & partners.

With just their single CKC ID, our users can sign in to all our websites, platforms and apps.

Why we made it

As the online offerings of CKC & partners began to grow, we started to notice an emerging problem: none of these systems were linked and users had separate accounts for each of them.

While fine at first, with the introduction of the Digital Art Lab Community and internal systems for partners and teachers, the problem began to feel pressing. It reached a boiling point when we started to overhaul our primary school offerings and needed to get another account for our partners.

How we fixed it

After a search of the available options, Auth0 came out as our platform of choice. By hooking all our websites up with it, we only need the user to create an account once. They can then use it for all our other websites too.

It allowed us to beef up security too, with the introduction of Multifactor Authentication and more advanced anomaly detection. All while making the user's life easier than before. In fact, support requests have gone down significantly.


CKC ID is currently publicly launched for our primary school offerings, which means teachers, our partners and employees use it daily. It's also used for our internal systems. The big public launch will follow this summer, when the Digital Art Lab Community and a brand new CKC & partners website make the switch.

Screenshot of the account settings page

Credit where credit is due

This project couldn't have happened without all the open source projects for OpenID Connect, OAuth and Auth0. A special shoutout goes to the Mozilla IAM project.

The wonderful identity icons were designed by Auth0 and are available royalty free at I used them extensively to create the documentation for this project.